Eyes of the King

by Talion

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released April 23, 2016

Nick Fischer: Vocals/Guitar
Bill Simmons: Drums
Dillon Kortz: Bass Guitar
Mike Szemanski: Lead Guitar

All Music/Lyrics by Fischer unless otherwise noted

Produced by Talion

Engineered/Mixed by Donnie Morietti, Tonic Recording Studios

Mastered by Corey Wile

Album Art by Mike Szemanski



all rights reserved


Talion Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hard hitting modern thrash metal fueled by anger and cheap booze.

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Track Name: Child of Plight
Behold the man
Who lives his life in shameless misery
His worn hands
Tell a tale of a life of endless pain
Broken bones
Crack and shift under the weight of the world
But his smile stays
A twisted veil; beneath he hides his hate

Head held high
In the shadows
Child of Plight's
Nameless hero

Never rest
Knowing full well his work is never done
And if his angel were to fall
He will have failed

SOLO: Szemanski

Sacrifice your life for the ones you love
She turned her back on you; ignorant to all you've done

SOLO: Szemanski/Fischer/Szemanski

Angel white
The man who loved you
Died tonight
An ending you wrote
Track Name: Eyes of the King
Music: Fischer/Kortz

On your knees
Worthless men, bow to me
I'm your king, I'm your god
I'm your savior, am I not?
I've brought you peace, calmed your fears
Yet 'tyranny' is all you sneer
"Free our speech, free our mind"
You're free to speak, and free to die

Watching over you, controlling all you do
To blind the eyes of man is to blind the truth
Now that you have seen the power that I breed
Now that you have seen through the eyes of the king

The hammer falls
Now your fears will be resolved
Cut the tongue, flay the back
Silence greets the whip's crack
Your swine blood coats the dirt
The eighth plague set to work
I'll purge you from this land
Waves of death from my hand

Choke it down, bleed it out
You are now alone
Thoughtless pawns pushing on
The end follows close
Much braver men have faced their end
With terror in their eyes
But you can't feel fear as the end nears
You don't own your minds

SOLO: Szemanski

On your knees
If you remain, bow to me
I've stripped you down, forced you out
And by now there is no doubt that
I am life, yet also death
I'm your fears, your prayers beset
I am evil, I'm a saint
And I'll live on far past my days

I'm your king
Track Name: Raze
Gone away with the night
With your last breath scream "genocide"
They've come to rule, they've come to slay
They've come to take our world away
An enemy ten thousand strong
Can't destroy what we've known so long
Relentless throne, you don't rule here
For tonight we show no fear

Ten days and nights
Our hearts ignite
Look in our eyes
The fire never dies

Raze to become our king and reign eternally

Now your greed will do you in
Succumb to this deadly sin
Initiate your master plan
Now you fate is in our hands
Destiny is on our side
Mutiny, regicide
Crownless king, say your prayers
There's no end to this nightmare

SOLO: Szemanski
Track Name: Beau
Music: Fischer/Procopio

This is a cry
To all the ones I'll leave behind
Hide from your eyes
The demons that I keep inside
The darkness grows
I'm lost in sorrow so alone
All I have known
Is forever gone

Holding on, standing strong
Sing my final battle song
One last breath, choke down the rest
Faltering I must persist

A hollow man
Now walks the ground where I stand
Time's fleeting sands
Sift away and bring me my end

A man lost in life
Sees peace in the black
Of Death's embrace

Go now
Your time has run out

Fear of what's to come
Overcomes me
I embrace the end

Pain reigns as our minds decay

SOLO: Fischer
SOLO: Szemanski