One Man War

by Talion

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In loving memory of Albert Wilson Zeigler


released April 18, 2015

Nick Fischer- Guitars and Vocals
Dillon Kortz- Bass Guitar
Billy Simmons- Drums

Lee Prisby- engineering, mixing, mastering, etc...; choir vocals on Where Shadows Dwell (No Sleep)

Stephen Rippe- clean guitars on One Man War

Artwork by Josh Middleton/Shrine Studios

All music by Fischer except for Waste Away by Fischer/Simmons
All lyrics by Fischer



all rights reserved


Talion Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hard hitting modern thrash metal fueled by anger and cheap booze.

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Track Name: Where Shadows Dwell (No Sleep)
Searching for the lifeless
The departed
Are my own
No breathing, but still seeking
For one final place to rest their heads

A past so long buried
Forgotten wounds worsen in time
The dead will cry to be revived
Beckon you to join their side
Waiting for a hand
To guide them to the promise land
Afterlife, there's only hell
A barren land where shadows dwell

A place of nightmares waits, unresting place

Restless are the breathless
Searching for peace in this paradox
Crazed fear of the unreal
Grips us all and we will become one

Your death bed's an open door
That leads to the other side
Nothingness, eternally
There's no hope you can be freed
Locked in
Trapped inside, scream in vain
Can the dead go insane?
This is your fate, no need to wait
Soon enough is still too late
Join them now

You sacrifice yourself to save their souls

Possess to be reborn
Living through captured minds
You will be heard, and us in turn
Use their voice to speak our words
Warn of what death brings
Two worlds conjoining
We're all the same, dead inside
Death is foreshadowed by life
Never lived

Still we keep pushing on, No Sleep in hell
Track Name: Waste Away
This world's become so jaded
What's left of life has faded
Can you pull me out?
Can you save me somehow?
I've grown tired of waiting

This broken man
Will make his stand
A martyr of his own
That's come undone
Will waste away alone

In this place of false convictions
Where the truth has turned to fiction
Its time to change our ways
Time to turn a new page
Escape the mindless self addiction

Now we've found an ending
We can stop pretending
That it will be okay
Dark will dawn the new day
Black's reign beginning
Track Name: Deceived
Walk your own path through the hell and the wrath
Embrace this world to which you've been cast
Never had a home? This is where you belong
The world you love is forever gone

Welcome home, we'll set you free
All I need's for you to follow me
You've chose this life, don't beg and plead
You've succumbed to the damned and deceived

Wicked are the ways of the damned and deceived
Been cast upon this place from their own deeds
Sent here to repent and bask in regret
Mistakes they've made and won't forget

You're a man without a mind,
Just an empty shell
You're better off dead
You belong in hell
Track Name: One Man War
Now's the time
Hear their lies of power, war, and fame
You will be forever shamed
You will go
All alone, forgetting all you love
Blood will stain this snow white dove

A selfless hero
A perfect vision
Hell now will cut
It's first incision

This is a one man war
What are you fighting for
This is the end of all you know
And when the dust clears
Will you have faced your fears
Or given up all hope

Is your pride
Give your life, you've only one to waste
Why spend it in such a haste?
Take your shot
All you've got
You'll burn eternally,
But this time you'll be set free

A lifeless hero
A blurred decision
Hell now cuts in
With such precision