Eyes of the King

from by Talion

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Music: Fischer/Kortz

On your knees
Worthless men, bow to me
I'm your king, I'm your god
I'm your savior, am I not?
I've brought you peace, calmed your fears
Yet 'tyranny' is all you sneer
"Free our speech, free our mind"
You're free to speak, and free to die

Watching over you, controlling all you do
To blind the eyes of man is to blind the truth
Now that you have seen the power that I breed
Now that you have seen through the eyes of the king

The hammer falls
Now your fears will be resolved
Cut the tongue, flay the back
Silence greets the whip's crack
Your swine blood coats the dirt
The eighth plague set to work
I'll purge you from this land
Waves of death from my hand

Choke it down, bleed it out
You are now alone
Thoughtless pawns pushing on
The end follows close
Much braver men have faced their end
With terror in their eyes
But you can't feel fear as the end nears
You don't own your minds

SOLO: Szemanski

On your knees
If you remain, bow to me
I've stripped you down, forced you out
And by now there is no doubt that
I am life, yet also death
I'm your fears, your prayers beset
I am evil, I'm a saint
And I'll live on far past my days

I'm your king


from Eyes of the King, released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Talion Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Hard hitting modern thrash metal fueled by anger and cheap booze.

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